Twitter Tools = Awesome!

Okay, I really like WordPress, and I really like Twitter. Which means, I love Twitter Tools! I decided the other day it would be awesome if someone created a wordpress plugin that showed my latest tweets on my blog. Twitter Tools is exactly what I was looking for. It not only shows your latest tweets on your site, but it can also create a tweet whenever you update your blog, letting people know that you just updated your blog!

Other options include Twittering from the WordPress admin or the front end and creating a blog post every time you update Twitter. The cool thing is you can set it up anyway you want. I really gotta give credit to Alex King. The man creates some awesome WordPress plugins.

Update – 10/28/07: It looks like the Twitter updates in the sidebar are showing the blog post links. Something is wrong because Twitter tools is not supposed to be showing those. I will turn off the auto Twitter updating for the time being in the interest of not cross posting. I will contact Alex to see if there is a solution for this.