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Underscore 1.5 Released

Underscore 1.5 was just released two days ago. The last significant update prior to that was 1.4.4 released on January 30th, 2013. The biggest feature was the unzip method which has now been pulled out of Underscore in the 1.5.1 release today. Underscore is a utility-belt library for JavaScript and also a dependency of Backbone.js.

It seems humorous to pull the biggest feature in a 1.x release 2 days after releasing it. Perhaps creator Jeremy Ashkenas thought so, calling the commit, “remove silly duplicate unzip function. Favor in the docs.” You can read the discussion and the reason for this change here on GitHub.

Now that the unzip method has been pulled there aren’t many significant changes which makes the 1.x release number seem kind of silly. Maybe the source map, plus the number of changes warrant it. Anyway, here’s the changelog which you can also see in the docs.

  • Added a new unzip function, as the inverse of
  • The throttle function now takes an options argument, allowing you to disable execution of the throttled function on either the leading or trailing edge.
  • A source map is now supplied for easier debugging of the minified production build of Underscore.
  • The defaults function now only overrides undefined values, not null ones.
  • Removed the ability to call _.bindAll with no method name arguments. It’s pretty much always wiser to white-list the names of the methods you’d like to bind.
  • Removed the ability to call _.after with an invocation count of zero. The minimum number of calls is (naturally) now 1.