The Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool for WordPress

It seems I’m really into writing WordPress plugins lately. I’m also into WordPress SEO. My latest plugin combines the functionality of some of the previous SEO plugins I wrote, plus some new functionality of its own.

It’s called the Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool. It combines the Nofollow Archives, Nofollow Categories and the Noindex Login plugins. You can now add the “noindex” robots meta tag to archives, categories, search pages, tags, author pages, login, admin pages or any other page you choose. Also, you can add the rel=”nofollow” tag to archive links or category links. The next version, which I am working on now, will have the ability to add rel=”nofollow” to any page link from the wp_list_pages function.

If you care about WordPress SEO, you should be using this plugin or a similar one. I’m working on a WordPress SEO post, where I will detail what you should do and how you can use this plugin to improve your WordPress SEO.

The Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool is here, and you can download the Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Tool here. I hope you find it useful. Let me know of any problems or questions.