Add a User Directory to Your WordPress Site

I’ve recently been experimenting with community on WordPress, and I wanted to enable user registration on a WordPress site. This was easy enough, but once a user has registered there is no easy way for them to interact with the site, other than the way they normally would.

With WordPress, you can display authors in your sidebar, but there is not really a way to display profiles for registered users. So I ended up writing another plugin to handle this. The WordPress Users plugin creates a directory of user profiles on any page you specify on your site. Each user gets their own profile page that displays the date they joined and recent comments. It has support for Gravatars and permalinks. User links are nofollowed. You can also tell search engines to noindex, follow the directory pages. Also, there are plenty of hooks to style it yourself with your theme CSS file.

The WordPress Users page is here, and you can download the WordPress Users plugin here. I hope you find it useful. Let me know of any problems or questions.