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Get More Done with Vue.js: Vue and Performance

Vue is fast

In this lesson, we’re going to look at a very important topic in the development industry today, performance. If you’re a front end developer, you should be concerned about performance when it comes to public facing websites. So how does Vue.js compare with other modern front end frameworks and what features does it have that we can take advantage of to improve performance in our webapps? Continue reading

Get More Done with Vue.js: You Can Do More with Vue

You can do more with Vue

My third lesson on Vue.js focuses on it’s flexibility. Vue is simple enough for you to start writing components with HTML and plain JavaScript. But Vue was also designed with flexibility in mind. This means you are not just limited to creating components with HTML and plain JavaScript. Vue has an official Webpack loader for Vue components called vue-loader that enables support for ES2015. If you prefer to use TypeScript, Vue has official type declarations for TypeScript for Vue core, as well as vue-router and Vuex. Continue reading

Get More Done with Vue.js: Get Things Done Faster with Vue.js

Get Things Done Faster with Vue.js

My second lesson on Vue.js is focused on it’s simplicity. I think one of the things that makes Vue.js very appealing is it’s simplicity compared to other front end frameworks. To get started with Vue, all you need is familiarity with HTML and ES5 JavaScript. Anyone with these skills can start “building non-trivial applications within less than a day of reading the guide” (according to the documentation). So how does Vue’s simplicity compare with other popular front end frameworks? Continue reading

Get More Done with Vue.js: What is Vue.js?

What is Vue.js?

Welcome to my first lesson on Vue.js. This is the first post in a series on Vue.js that I will be posting over the next few weeks. This post is designed to introduce you to what Vue.js is and how it works. Let’s get started!

Vue is a framework for building user interfaces, similar in many ways to another JavaScript library called React. As UI frameworks go, Vue is designed to be simple and flexible with a heavy focus on performance. Because of this, Vue can be implemented incrementally. The core library of Vue is focused on the view layer only, so it can be easily integrated with other libraries or existing projects. One of the things that makes this possible is the size. Full-featured and minified Vue 2.0 with compiler included is only 23kb. However, Vue is also powerful enough, when used in combination with a tool chain and supporting libraries, to build full featured Single-Page Web Applications. Continue reading