W3Fools – A W3Schools Intervention

A very interesting resource I came across last night,

We hope we can illuminate why W3Schools is a troublesome resource, why their faulty information is a detriment to the web, and what you (and they) can do about it.


I admit that I have used W3Schools a lot as a resource for JavaScript, but I also know that the info is a bit dated and plain wrong in many cases. But someone just starting out may not know that. This site along with Promote JS is designed to dislodge sites like W3Schools from their rankings in Google and promote more up to date and accurate resources.

One tip…

To filter out w3schools from your searches, add -w3schools. Meanwhile, to get results from the Mozilla Docs Center, just prepend mdc.

Google might even take notice of behavior like that and demote these sites in the rankings.