Askimet Should Make a Widget

I just had a thought of a cool widget that Askimet could make to put on your WordPress blogs. It could be a badge that you add to your sidebar or something that displays a running count of how many comments it has blocked on your site for spam. Everyone would use it, plus, as a widget, they could add a link back and get traffic and link popularity. Also, it could help deter comment spammers. Although, I don’t know how many comment spammers actually go to the sites they spam.

Well, here is my current comment spam count for just this blog. Akismet has caught 5,563 spam for you since you first installed it.

Another fun fact, if you rearrange the letters in Askimet, is spells MISTAKE. I think Matt Mullenweg, the creator, said he came up with the idea by accident and that is where it gets its name from.