Unsubscribing from Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch

I just took Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch off my feed reader. To be honest, I did this because there is too much news at both of those sites per day for me to keep up with. While I do think they post valuable information from time to time, I do not feel like I am missing anything by removing them. This is because the big news will hit all the other SEO, Tech and Internet Marketing blogs that I read.

I am not discounting Danny Sullivan here. Search Engine Land is a great site and Danny is the man! But I cannot keep up with 20 posts a day no matter who is posting it. I think that Search Engine Watch feels like they lost a lot of their audience when Danny left, so now they are trying to stay on top by keeping up with Danny and Search Engine Land.

If I could not get the information elsewhere, I think that would be one thing, but I can. Plus, I always know if I am looking for the latest search engine news, I can go to either one of those sites and find it quickly.

I wish both companies luck, but I hope others do not do the same thing I am doing. If this is the case, they may have to rethink the amount of material they are posting. Sometimes, less is more.