SEOmoz SEO Cheatsheet

Rand Fishkin at SEOmoz has posted an SEO cheatsheet online that he passed out to conference goers at the Search Engine Strategies conference going on in New York right now.

The cheatsheet lists a rundown of pretty much everything I would advise a client who wanted search engine optimization.

  1. On-Page Optimization
  2. Search-Friendly Architecture
  3. Web Design & Usability
  4. Promoting & Marketing Your Site
  5. Creating Linkbait
  6. Link Building Tips

I should say I agree with everything except the linkbaiting part. While I do think it is a great tactic for SEO, not everyone can do this especially most businesses seeking SEO. This type of marketing usually requires a large budget as typical businesses do not have the resources to do it in house. In addition, most businesses are not right for social bookmarking sites unless they create something really new and noteworthy.

SEOmoz is a great SEO resource. Watch this site for more great coverage of Search Engine Strategies going on right now.