Search Engine Friendly Page Titles

I have posted about creating title tags before but here is a nice refresher. The Latest and Greatest Search Engine Friendly Page Titles is a post from last week at Search Engine Roundtable. It contains links to threads from last week in the Search Engine Watch Forum and the High Rankings forum where people have asked for advice in creating title tags. If you follow the link to those forums, you can see what Danny Sullivan and Jill Whalen had to say about it respectively. I always enjoy getting input from other SEO’s on how to optimize web pages.

The optimization for the title tag shouldn’t change much, however. I have used basically the same formula for optimizing the title tag since 2000. Your title tag should be descriptive of the content of the page, and it should contain the keywords for that page. Don’t try to stuff keywords in your title tag though. It could hurt your rankings. Be sure to also include your site name, either at the beginning or end of the tag. It’s that simple!