Improving Your Site’s Indexing and Ranking

Improving your site’s indexing and ranking from the Inside Google Sitemaps blog gives great advice on things can you do to increase your site’s indexing and ranking in Google. Here is the list.

  1. Make sure your site is full of unique, high-quality content.
  2. Does your site follow the webmaster guidelines?
  3. Does your site use hidden text?
  4. Does your site use keyword stuffing?
  5. Does your site buy links from other sites or participate in link exchange programs that don’t add value for visitors?
  6. Do you use search engine optimization?

I think the key thing to learn here is your site should add value for your visitors. If you make it a point to do all of these things, you should have no problem attracting people to your site. You may also find that more traffic can mean more links and potentially increased search engine visibility!