Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

It was announced today that Wordtracker unveiled a new free keyword suggestion tool. Wordtracker already has a free version of their keyword research tool, but it only gives you 15 results at a time. Plus, you have to register to use it. Otherwise, it has a lot of the functionality of the paid version of the tool.

The new tool gives you up to 100 results, but has no other functionality of the paid version. And you don’t have to register. It does still allow you to click on a keyword result to search on that phrase, rather than typing it in, further allowing you to narrow your searches.

I think this is pretty cool, even though I am already an active Wordtracker subscriber. I should find it pretty useful. Most of the time when I am looking for keywords, I need to find the top ones pretty quickly. Plus, it’s free. So if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. If you don’t already have a subscription, it is another place where you can get quickie keyword research for free.