Stripe Generator

This tool is right up your web 2.0 alley. It’s called Stripe Generator, and everything about says Web 2.0, from it’s design and functionality to it’s purpose.

It’s basically a web application to generate striped patterns to use in your web design. In case you didn’t know, striped backgrounds are the latest thing in web 2.0 design. It’s also basically a widget, which is another component of the web 2.0 world.

What’s cool about it is that it takes something that is not that hard to do and makes it that much easier. It also makes it really easy for the novice to do. The implementation is very smart in that it only does one thing but does it well. The interface is a particularly important part in this aspect. Notice the use of Ajax here!

The marketing is really well done also in that it is obvious who their core audience is and they have aimed it squarely at them. They have also made it easy to link back to them by including a banner. They even provide a mailing list I guess to stay up to date on their current projects. What they need to do is to figure out how to make this a widget that other people can add directly on their site.

Well, the inventors have really done a great job here. Hopefully, they will expand this concept into other areas. Well done!