Review of Apogee Search

This is a paid review of Apogee Search. Since I am not a client of theirs and have not had the opportunity to use their services, I am only reviewing their web site here. The web site can be found at

Upon visiting their web site, the first thing I noticed is that it is extremely cluttered. Due to this clutteredness, it is hard to determine the overall message they are trying to deliver. I’m sure that it will reveal itself upon closer examination. However, I feel that they need to simplify the home page so that whatever message they are trying to deliver jumps out you without having to read through several paragraphs of copy to determine it.

It appears that Apogee Search is a search engine optimization firm offering “search engine marketing.” The company page for Apogee states that they are one of the largest online marketing services firms in the country today and have been in business since 2001. The services they offer include paid search advertising, natural search engine optimization, pay per call management, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing training and search engine marketing analysis. According to the services page, they are offering a free analysis of your website’s performance in the search engines.

They also seem to be legit as they have several badges on their web site. They have a badge listing them as a Google Adwords Qualified Company. They have a badge showing them to be a SEMPO Circle Member. They also have a membership badge for I have heard of SEMPO, though I have not heard of I have never been a member of SEMPO, so I can’t really comment on them. I do have some idea of what is involved in the Google Adwords Qualified program. I would say completing that program would definitely make them qualified to handle your Google Adwords campaign.

The sales copy on their site emphasizes that they are about making their clients money. They claim to do this by tracking actual actions from the site that increase the bottom line, not just rankings or clicks. If I was looking for a search engine marketing company, I think I would be looking for someone who at least said they were doing that. It also seems that the goal of the site is to get you to contact a sales representative. That is pretty common for most business web sites, and it seems they are doing a good jab by having that call to action on every page. If I was giving out advice to them, that is probably what I would tell them to do.

Apogee also has an online marketing blog, found at One thing I noticed about the blog is that it lacks the same navigational toolbar found at the top of the company site. That may be fine for someone entering the site via the blog, which is probably the purpose of the blog. But since they are linking to it from their site, they should really insure the navigation is consistent across all pages. As far as the content of the blog goes, it seems they are only linking to or quoting other SEO and Google related news items rather than providing any commentary or opinion.

Finally, on their site, they have a downloads and resources page. This page mainly links to their white papers in addition to SEO tools on other sites.

Overall, I think their site does a good job of selling their services, notwithstanding the cluttered home page. One other thing I think they could do to increase the effectiveness of their site is to show some examples of success stories they have had for their actual clients.