Librarians’ Internet Index

The Librarians’ Internet Index, or LII, is one of the best directories you can find on the web today. Here is an excerpt from their about us page.

Librarians’ Internet Index (LII) is a publicly-funded website and weekly newsletter serving California, Washington state, the nation, and the world.

Every Thursday morning we send out our free newsletter, New This Week, which features dozens of high-quality websites carefully selected, described, and organized by our team of librarians. Topics include current events and issues, holidays and seasons, helpful tools for information users, human interest, and more.

I think the most important thing to look at here is that they only list “high-quality websites carefully selected, described, and organized by our team of librarians.” This is what makes the site so valuable as a resource for searchers. I highly recommend the newsletter, and have added a link over on the sidebar.

From an SEO standpoint, a link from the LII is priceless in terms of the link popularity and traffic that your site will receive. Getting them to link to your site however is very challenging. LII will not link to just anybody. Their criteria for submission is very strict. This can be found at

They also receive so much spam that they have a unique way of requesting submissions. You can submit a listing request to LII in two parts. First, fill out the submission form on their site. Once you do this you get a separate e-mail that lists an e-mail address to resubmit your request to. The e-mail overall is very cryptic and is hard to make sense out of.

If anyone has submitted a successful listing request to LII, I would love to hear about it. I would like to know how it was accomplished, along with how long it took to list your site and how your site benifitted from it.