Shoemoney for the Win

This is a paid review for Shoemoney’s blog. I have to say that I am a big fan of Shoemoney, aka Jeremy Schoemaker. So I was surpsrised when I saw that he had asked for a paid review on my site. I’m not sure what Shoemoney is up to here, but I’m guessing that he is testing out paid blog review services somehow. Shoemoney, I would have done this one for free buddy, so here goes.

I’m not sure where I first heard of Shoemoney, but I know I started reading his blog sometime last year. Now, I read it everyday at the top of my list (knocking off SEOmoz, by the way, sorry Rand.) I think it’s because he likes talking about making money online, and that is something I am really interested in right now. Plus, he likes to mix a lot of humor in his writing. He also likes to write about business and making money in general. I guess you could say I am really trying to take his advice and put it into practice. I started using Google Adwords as well as Yahoo and MSN search advertising based on Shoemoney’s advice. I also have looked into affilate marketing, but I learned I suck at it so I have to learn a lot more before I jump into it and build more traffic first.

I also love Shoemoney’s podcast on Webmaster Radio. I listen to it every week and even went back and listened to a lot of the past shows. He seems to have the best and most interesting guests. The podcasts are definitely worth your time. I was dissappointed when he said his contract would be up soon. I will miss it but I understand it’s stressful, and you have to try new things and then move on.

If you are new to Shoemoney, I recommend going back and reading what he has to say. There is great content in the archives of his web site. Seriously, you can learn a lot about making money on the web. Late last year, I went back and read all of his posts for 2006 to catch up and to learn as much as possible.

Well, I probably sound like a geek sitting here gushing about Shoemoney. But I really do believe what he says, and that if you work hard like he does, you can really make good things happen for yourself. I think that is what Shoemoney is about overall. Also, Jeremy if you would leave a comment here, that would be pretty cool. Maybe you could let us know why you are paying for blog reviews, when Lord knows you have tons of links already. Peace.