Getting Listed in

In doing research lately, I have come across a paid directory I am recommending for some business owners that have relatively new web sites. I don’t normally recommend paid links unless it’s really neccessary. However, I think a listing in can help many businesses with web sites that have had trouble building links and traffic. It costs $199 to be listed for a year and then can be renewed for $149 a year after that.

I suggest paying the initial fee and trying it for a year. After that if you are not satisfied, you don’t have to renew. I think in most cases, it would be worth the money. You should see an increase in targeted traffic not only from this directory but from the search engines as well. I believe that also you could receive more links on other sites just for being listed there. This will then bring in more traffic from those sites as well as increase link popularity in the search engines. Here is the link to the sign up page if you are interested.