Pearl Jam on Google Video

I just read this post on the Google blog, Attention all Pearl Jam fans, and man was I surprised. It essentially says that Pearl Jam has a new video for “Life Wasted” up on Google Video. To me, this is very exciting, and it says a lot about Pearl Jam and their philosophy when it comes to putting their fans first.

I love Pearl Jam. I have been a fan since their first CD, “Ten,” came out back in 1991. It seems wierd to think that was 15 years ago. I even got to see them in concert back in 1998. Anyway, I got their new CD the week it came out, and it rules. It is so great, and it puts what is accepted as music today to shame. It looks to be a good year for this, as the Chili Peppers also released a new CD that totally rocks.

Well, this may not be very related to SEO, but I had to mention it and throw some links in as well. You can find the “Life Wasted” video here and the Official Pearl Jam site here.