Google Launches OpenSocial

Imagine having access to all your social networking data on other social networking sites. Facebook started doing this earlier this year by allowing developers access to publish social networking applications on their platform.

One of the complaints people have about Facebook, however, is that there is no way to get information from your profile and applications out of Facebook. Google is seeking to change that with the launch of a new set of APIs call OpenSocial. Today Google sent out a press release on Friday that is rocking the web 2.0 world.

It is titled “Google Launches OpenSocial to Spread Social Applications Across the Web.” OpenSocial is a set of APIs for building social applications for websites that want to add social features. Depending on how this is implemented, this could really impact social networking in a good way.

Soon you will have access to your information across multiple websites. This will also help developers, in that they can just write one application instead of an application for every platform. Here is a list of partners that Google has already announced are supporting OpenSocial.

Several developers, including Flixster, FotoFlexer, iLike, RockYou, Slide, Theikos, and VirtualTourist have already built applications that use the OpenSocial APIs. I am hoping that other services that I use a lot like Flickr, Twitter and WordPress join in soon.

So far, Facebook has not announced any support for OpenSocial. In my opinion, Facebook would be making a big mistake not to. They need to announce this and quickly, or they will risk losing their credibility with developers and users.