Google and Bigdaddy

Feedback on Bigdaddy data center was posted on Matt Cutts blog yesterday. This is the first info I am hearing on this so called “Bigdaddy.” But, I will post the critical parts of Matt’s post here.

Google has a new data center they are previewing called Bigdaddy. Google is currently asking for feedback on the Bigdaddy data center. Bigdaddy is now visible at two data centers: and Matt says he expects Bigdaddy to become the default source of web results within 1-2 months.

What’s new and different in Bigdaddy? It has some new infrastructure, not just better algorithms or different data. Most of the changes are under the hood, enough so that an average user might not even notice any difference in this iteration.

The best place to report webspam you see in Bigdaddy is In the “Additional details:” section, use the keyword “bigdaddy” in your report.

For reporting other quality issues in Bigdaddy, do the search that you’re interested in on or, then click the “Dissatisfied? Help us improve” link at the bottom right of the page. Again, fill in details and use the keyword “bigdaddy” so that folks at Google can separate out feedback specifically about this data center.