Commenting on Google Trends

It turns out I was quoted for an article that ran in the Knoxville News-Sentinel on August 31, 2006. One of the main functions of my job as an SEO deals with getting web sites listed in Google. A writer with the Sentinel called our offices a few weeks back and asked if someone could talk to him for a story he was writing on Google.

Google released a tool in May 2006 called Google Trends. The writer, Andrew Eder, was writing a story on Google Trends and how to determine what Knoxvillians were searching for using the tool. He called because he wanted to know what I thought about the service.

My quote ended up as a “call out” on the back page of the section C, the business section, which I thought was pretty cool. The only thing is that he paraphrased what I said, and I felt I didn’t quite come off looking like the expert I was portrayed as. Here is the quote.

“As a marketer, I would look at that and build out my marketing calendar based on that information,” Kemp said.

Impressive, huh? My point was that Google Trends could be useful to marketers because it can show seasonal patterns in searches. Marketers could use this data to determine when to begin marketing for seasonal events.

It can also show what cities outside Knoxville are searching for Knoxville related terms. If I were in tourism, I would try to make use of that information to see what areas outside Tennessee to market to.

All in all, I felt lucky to be quoted in the paper, and to get exposure for myself and Mediapulse. Hopefully, I was impressive enough that they will call back when they need a quote on the next story.

Click here to read the story, “Seek and Knox shall find.”