Control Letter Spacing Using sIFR

I am using sIFR on a project I am currently working on. The design of the site I am building required the letters being rendered in sIFR to be spaced out. I tried to change letter spacing in the default version of sIFR 2.0, but I could not get it to work.

So, I did a search on Google for “spacing letters in sIFR” and found an excellent hack that allows you to change the default spacing of the letters. This hack can be found here,

The current version of sIFR (version 2) doesn’t allow for spacing of the letters because it is only requires Flash version 6. However, Flash version 8 does allow for the spacing of letters. So the fix for this basically consists of 4 steps.

  1. First add a line of code to the actionscript file.
  2. Edit the sifr.js file to check for version 8 instead of 6.
  3. Add the letter spacing code to the sFlashVars parameter in the replacement calls.
  4. Save the swf file to be compatible with Flash 8 and actionscript 2.

That is it. It worked perfectly. See the example linked to above for the full instructions.