No Boston PubCon 2007?

Okay, so I’m going to guess and say that it looks like there will be no PubCon in Boston this year. I know that the Boston PubCon is not really an annual event like the Las Vegas PubCon, but I went to the Boston PubCon last year. I really enjoyed it, and I was hoping there would be another one this year.

Last year’s was in April though, and I remember that by February it had been announced. Now that we are in February, and it has not been announced yet, I don’t think it will be unless they are planning it for sometime later than April. With the big one most likely being in Vegas again in the fall, I don’t think it will happen. I imagine that Webmaster World will be putting all their energy into that one. Well, maybe I will go to that one this year since it is supposed to be the best one.

I wrote about my experience at Boston PubCon last year, here.