Boston PubCon 2006: Day 3

Okay, the third and final day of Boston PubCon 2006 was a bust. Here’s why. Rather and stay and go to the PubCon I decided to leave and go home. This makes it a pretty worthless day to me. I didn’t know that Thursday’s PubCon was at an actual pub 2 miles from the conference center. I debated on going and not going, and in the end I decided to just head to the airport and get ready to go home.

I scheduled a late flight home on Thursday so that I would be able to attend the last event. That was before I learned that it was not at the convention center. When I calculated how much time I needed to get to the airport and catch a 5PM flight, I realized I would only have an hour at the pub. I decided that it was not worth it, to risk having to hurry to catch my plane for an hour at the pub. It turned out to be a good decision.

When I checked out of my room and left for lunch, I checked on getting an airport shuttle at the concierge’s desk upon my return to the hotel. She said that they show up every hour on the hour. I had just missed the last one, so I would have to wait until 2PM to catch the next one. If I had gone to the pub and gotten back to the hotel after 3PM and missed the shuttle, I would have risked being late and missing the plane. So in the end, I was glad of my decision.

I am dissappointed that I had to miss it though. In the end, I don’t see how anyone trying to catch a late flight can do it and still go to the pub. I would recommend to Brett Tabke that they change this. If not, I will only plan to go the first 2 days of the conference the next time I go to a PubCon.