High Web Traffic Means Sales

High Web traffic means sales on CNN.com reports that the pre-holiday online shopping leaders are Wal-Mart, Amazon and Apple Computer according to Internet measurement firm Hitwise for Reuters. Hitwise is determining that these sites have the most sales by analyzing traffic between their Web sites and shipping company Web sites at UPS, DHL and FedEx. Prior to Christmas, online retail sales are difficult to determine because retailers typically hold off reporting their result until early January. However, analyzing traffic to determine whether retailers are converting the web site traffic into shipments is a good indication.

According to the article, online shopping is expected to grow 24 percent this holiday season over 2004, although traffic to online shopping sites is up only 9 percent this year over last year. On analyzing the data though, Hitwise says that it appears that web sites are becoming more efficient at converting window shoppers into buyers this year.