Blocked for Spam by Comcast

Okay, among other things, I have an online store which is powered by X-cart, a pretty decent and reasonably priced e-commerce software solution. One of the things X-cart does is lets people sign up for an e-mail list for your store. Then, you can send e-mails through the software to the people subscribed to your e-mail list.

Well, because I am trying to operate the store on a tight budget, I save a few bucks by sending out e-mail newsletters through the store software. Recently, these e-mails have been getting blocked for spam, even though I have been sending them for more than a few months.

Now, these e-mails are automated, but they are not spam. I am sending product updates to my customers who have signed up voluntarily to receive e-mail updates. I have gotten blocked by at least 2 e-mail providers, Hotmail and Comcast.

Comcast however, provides you a link in the returned e-mail,, so that you can request to have your IP address removed from the blocklist. Well, I filled out the request form and explained what had happened and what I was doing. I received a response within a few hours that my IP address had been removed from the blocklist. So, it does pay to contact them if you believe you are being incorrectly blacklisted.

I do think Comcast is going overboard on the spam protection. I am a Comcast subscriber, and have almost all automated e-mails blocked daily. I think they have the dial turned up a little too high and left that way. It should not block e-mail that you asked to receive even if it is automated. They need to provide a way for subscribers to white list certain domains. It has gotten to the point where it is blocking e-mail receipts from online stores that I shop at. Not to mention that unsolicited e-mails are still getting through occasionally.

So I signed up for Gmail. Apparently, Google is much better at blocking e-mail spam that Comcast. It lets automated e-mails I want through, and I don’t get any spam.