Digg’s Search Engine Sucks

I have been using Digg more and more lately. One thing I have noticed is that Digg’s search engine pretty much sucks at finding anything related to what you were looking for. Maybe I am missing something, but when I use it to try and find stories about certain topics, the results I get aren’t very relevant at all.

For example, before I submit a story to Digg, I do a search to see if anyone else has already submitted the story. I don’t find anything, so I submit my story. Once I submit my story, Digg tells me the story looks similar to other stories. The stories it finds are very relevant and much different from the results I get using the search engine to find related stories. How come I couldn’t find those stories when I searched for them earlier?

My point is Digg has the technology to improve it obviously, so why don’t they? All they have to do is use the same technology they use to find related stories on their search engine. It seems that you would be able to get much better results that way. Is there a reason they are not doing this? Would improving their search engine make it easier to game Digg?

What bothers me about this is that I think a site like Digg could be the next Google potentially if their search was improved. It’s likely that a lot more people, myself included, would use it more if they improved the search engine. I could see it even being used for serious research.

From a marketing standpoint, it is a great tool as it can drive a ton of traffic to your sites, but imagine the residual traffic you could receive from people finding your site through the search engine. Today, you get tons of traffic for a few days if you get to the front page and then nothing.

As it is right now, Digg has a lot of potential, possibly tapping into the massive base of Google users, but until the search results are fixed, it is not much more than a novelty site to pass the time.