If you are a designer and you haven’t heard of, surely you have heard of Ajax. Even so, you may be surprised to learn that and Ajax are not the same thing.

I have heard of both Ajax and, but I thought that they were the same thing. I have seen both of them in use on sites that Mediapulse designed, but I have never used them myself. Well, once I learned recently that is not Ajax and it is very easy to use, I decided to give it a try on a site that I am working on.

It turns out it is very easy to implement some cool looking effects with If you don’t believe me, take a look at 4 easy steps to, and then take a look at the effects you can do with

The effect I found the most practical so far is the “toggle” effect. The toggle effect allows you to hide and reveal an object by clicking the object. You can also combine the toggle effect with any of the other visual effects. The visual effect I find the most practical for this is the “blind up” and “blind down” effect. You can even modify settings on these effects, like speed of movement.

In using these effects though, I have some tips to help you get the best performance out of these effects for your users. For the toggle effect, you can make a div clickable to reveal or hide another div on the page. I learned that by doing this, you do not need to add a link because the div itself acts as the button. The only problem is that because it is not actually a link, the cursor will not change to a hand when you mouse over it, so the user may not automatically recognize that it is clickable.

You can solve this problem through CSS. There is a CSS property, called “cursor,” you can set to “pointer” for any object. This means that whenever the user mouses over that object, the cursor turns to a hand, and lets the user know that object is clickable.

Now you have an object that looks and acts like a link and when clicked can reveal another object on the page with cool motion or animated effects. I recommend not waiting, like I did, and trying out effects on your sites today! I don’t think you will be dissappointed.