Multi-level Vertical Suckerfish Dropdowns

I am working on a site right now that requires suckerfish dropdowns for the navigation, but I needed to modify them so that the links for the navigation bar could be vertical, instead of horizontal. I found a tutorial for a modified suckerfish at HTML Dog,, which had multi-level dropdowns, so I used that as my starting point.

The HTML Dog tutorial showed how to build multi-level dropdowns where the second and third levels come out from the side. I needed a vertical navigation with multiple levels and all additional levels coming out from the side. I decided to try and modify their suckerfish to make my vertical multi-level navigation.

It was pretty easy, and in the end, I got the exact result I wanted. All I had to do was make the first level behave the same way as the second and third levels in the HTML Dog tutorial. I have posted my example here, vertical suckerfish dropdowns.