CSS Validation

Wow, 2 posts in a row about validation. This post is about CSS validation because I decided to break the last post into 2 parts. Yesterday, I was having difficulty working on a site I did not build. So, I decided to run the CSS through a validating tool to see if there were any problems.

Not surprisingly, there were some. What was surprising is that using different validation tools gave me different answers. First, I ran my code through this tool by the W3C for CSS Validation. This report indicated I had 3 errors in my code and gave me 7 warnings.

Then, I ran my code through this tool also by the W3C for CSS Validation, although technically it is for any markup validation. This report only indacted one error. But, it did allow me more options for checking the CSS.

After comparing the 2 validators rather briefly and unscientifically, I think you are better off using a tool specific for CSS validation, like the first one. You will more than likely get better results that way.