Building Web Sites

I live in Knoxville, Tennessee and work for a web development company called Mediapulse. My main responsibility at Mediapulse is Internet Marketing. But, most of the time I spend building the web sites we develop for our clients.

I support CSS and web standards, and at Mediapulse, we design all of our sites that way. I am starting this blog to talk about the CSS and design that I use on a daily basis. I plan on posting CSS tips and tricks that I find as I build web sites. I will also be posting about the projects I am working on and linking to released sites.

I hope my readers will find this site useful and that it results in a community here. If I can help a few people learn about CSS and web design, then that is what I set out to accomplish. If nothing else, a year from now, I will look back and see what I have done for the past year and use that to better myself.

Thanks for reading.