Safari Web Inspector for Windows

In case you didn’t know, there is a beta version of the Mac browser Safari available on Windows as of last year. I’m not sure why it is still in beta status as it has been out for awhile, and Safari 3 for Mac is now part of Tiger and Leopard and not in beta.

Anyway, if you are wanting to debug your HTML and CSS in Safari, you should have Web Inspector. Web Inspector is a debugging tool for Safari similar to the Firefox plugin, Firebug. Well, now that I am on a Windows machine at work, I installed Safari for Windows. So, I wondered if Web Inspector was available for Windows as well, and it is. Check out the directions for enabling it here. Basically, you edit your WebKitPreferences.plist file and add this line of code.


Restart Safari, and that’s it. To use Web Inspector, open any web page in Safari, and right click on any html element you wish to inspect. You should see an option for Inspect Element. Click that option, and Web Inspector will open on that element. That’s it.