Safari 3 for Tiger is Now Out

You may or may not know that Apple released Safari 3 with Leopard. If you are like me, you were wondering when it was coming out for non-Leopard Mac-users, or if they were going to release it at all. Well, today is the day. Safari 3 is now available on Tiger. Read about it here.

To get Safari, you need to get Mac OS 10.4.11 which is out today. You can either get it through automatic upgrades or install it manually. It requires a restart if you were wondering. It appears to be worth it. I haven’t installed it yet, but from what I hear, it is much improved over the previous versions.

What are the improvements? Surfin’ Safari has a list of ten new things in Safari 3. The biggest performance improvements in my opinion are the enhanced rich text editing, faster javascript and DOM and faster page loading. Chris in my office installed Safari 3  already and noticed those 3 things right away. Hopefully, enhanced rich text editing means that I can use WordPress, which uses TinyMCE for editing, in Safari now. I also think the developer tools will be useful. I can’t wait to try it out!