PNG Not a Good Fit for the Web Afterall

Okay, I bought into the hype of the PNG format. I admit that on the surface, PNG is a superior format for the web versus JPEG and GIF.

There’s one problem. If you use PNG graphics with JPEG or GIF or CSS colors, the colors do not match up. This means if you use a PNG over a JPEG or colored backgound that is the same color as the PNG, the color will not look the same. This is a problem for me. So much so that I have stopped using PNGs in my designs. They only way I can use them is if the color matching is not a problem.

Also, PNG transparency is not supported in IE6. This is not such a problem because there is a workaround. But it is annoying and IE6 is still the most used browser in the world.

I found out that the reason PNG graphics do not mix with other formats is due to gamma correction. One solution is to remove the gamma information. GammaSlamma is a program for the Mac OS that does this. However, this does not work in all browsers.

I was happy to use PNGs until I figured out the problems with it. Until the technology catches up, I am still stuck using outdated graphic formats whether I want to or not.