CSS Support in IE7

If you ever wanted to know how support for CSS improved in IE7, this post is for you. Apparently in August 2006, before IE7 was released, Microsoft posted these details on the IE Blog. The post details all the bugs that were fixed, added support for W3C specifications and features added for CSS 2.1. I always wanted to know this, and this is the first time I have seen it.

They go on to talk about how fixing support for CSS will cause a lot of the hacks that worked before to break in IE7. This page details specifically which workarounds that previously worked in IE6 will not work in IE7.

I believe IE7 has now been out for over a year. I admit I am impressed with Microsoft’s support for CSS in IE7. It is worlds ahead of IE6. However, the adoption rate that I have seen for IE7 over IE6 is still very slow. In addition, how long will it take for Microsoft to release IE8? Five more years? By that time, IE7 will be outdated as IE6 was. Unfortunately, as many inroads as Firefox has made into browser market share, we are still living in a Microsoft world. Maybe by releasing Safari 3 on Windows, Apple will be the one to change that. It is still in beta as of this writing, though.