WordPress.com Stats Plugin

You may or may not know that I use the WordPress blogging software for all my blogging needs. I really cannot say enough about the WordPress team and their blogging tool, not to mention the Askimet comment spam blocking tool. I would recommend WordPress to anyone looking to start blogging.

One of the nice features of WordPress is the openness of it and the plugins that are freely available. I have been looking for a good stats plugin for WordPress since I started using it. The one that I started using a few months ago no longer works with the latest WordPress version, 2.3.

I also use the WordPress.com platform for blogging, and the other day I was asking the question, why isn’t the WordPress.com stats software available for the non-hosted WordPress software. Since they already have the code, it seems like it would be easy to include in the standalone version of WordPress.

It turns out that it is available. After doing a little searching, I found the WordPress.com Stats plugin which looks like exactly what I asked for. I must say I am ecstatic over this. How often do you ask for something like that only to find it so soon? Anyway, I haven’t tested it yet, so I don’t know how well it works yet. But, if it works just like WordPress.com, it should be the only stats plugin that I need.

Update: It is not showing any stats as of yet. However, a quick look at the FAQ shows me that you need the tag <?php wp_footer(); ?> in your footer.php file. I have added that tag and hope to start seeing stats soon it is working.